Being A Female Entrepreneur Can Be Difficult


There are many challenges which can get in the way of becoming an entrepreneur such as worrying about debt, as long as you’re careful with each investment this shouldn’t happen but it can impact how you fell. Also, you need to have at least basic IT skills as a lot of it will include using different programs and technology to help expand your business. However, when entering an entrepreneurship everyone has to learn a few things, it’s actually very common. There are many women who don’t go through with their ideas because of these challenges but there are also lots of them who do and end up being very successful such as Clara Barton and Grace Lever. They take risks and have so many great ideas, which they like to share as they can benefit other people. As long as you are happy with the way things are going and you stay motivated things should work out. Make sure to listen to what people have to say, what may sound like criticism could just be badly worded advice from people who want you to succeed, this can be helpful, so make sure to take it into account.

Grace Lever is a marketing funnel specialist and educator; she works with female entrepreneurs and helps them to create balanced, automated businesses. She is also known due to being the director and co-founder of digital marketing agency. Grace was awarded the Young Business Woman of the Year Award in South Australia in the prestigious Telstra awards. Grace loves bringing together groups of business women so that they can give each other advice and learn new things together so they can meet other people going through the same things with their business. A great way to meet other female entrepreneurs would be to attend one of her doing days or join the academy where you can become part of the Facebook group. The academy is only accessible if you gave attended one of the doing days.

You will gain access to the private Facebook group where you can communicate with other female entrepreneurs. The Doing Academy is subscribed to on a contract-free basis, this means if it doesn’t work for you, then you are able to leave. You can either have a new module released to you each month or you could have the whole Academy unlocked for you straight away, this gives you 12 months access to the complete Academy. The doing days are a great way to spend some time working on your business and making sure that at least the basics are covered. If you join the Doing Academy, you will gain access to support from both Grace and her team of marketing experts. She also offers a selection of free resources on her website such as a ‘6 part doing training series’ and ‘Graces 7 pillars of Facebook ad success’.


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