Professional Tax Preparation Software: Understand The Importance Of Tax


Tax doesn’t just pay the salaries of government workers; it also helps to make sure that the roads you travel on are safe and well-maintained. Ultimate tax provides clients with professional tax preparation software which is ideal for new and experienced tax preparers. They also offer a free evaluation. They’re a proven leader in the professional tax industry; this has been over 10 years. Their staffs have received industry experience and all of them are up to date with the latest tax regulations. They provide their clients with premium year round support this will be highly beneficial to you. They offer the option of three different plans which are Basic20, Procollect and Premium. Each one of these plans offers a variety of services for a range of prices. A few of the things which are provided by all of the plans include context-sensitive help, detailed reports and free conversions.

They offer you free evaluation to get you started and then if you choose to continue with them then you will have three great packages to choose from, these are the Basic20, Procollect and Premium. The Basic20 plan costs $397 and includes 20 E-files, three state modules and also best price up to thirty four returns. Next is the Procollect plan which costs $497, this plan comes with a fee collection option, plus you are able to collect your fees from the customers refund. The third plan is the premium plan which costs $597, in this plan you receive unlimited E-Files, loan advance products and bank products rebates. All of these plans also include the 35 service, no-hassle automatic renewals, ultimate cash and launch pad. You can add the corporate module to any plan for just $200, however it must be done at the time of purchase; this includes misc forms such as 1065, 11205 and 990.

They offer stable, reliable software which keeps your data safe. Features of their software include the 365 services, launch pad and interview mode. Launch pad is a custom launch screen which puts the most common items into the centre of the dashboard where they are more noticeable. They offer context-sensitive help which can help you to find general information or for a direct reference to the field in question. They offer access to all the detailed reports you could need. Ultimate cash provides you with contracts base on volume so you always know what you’re getting. Their bank products offer payment aids to your customers and rebate program.


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