Traveling to USA: Do Austrians Need a Visa?


The United States of America is certainly a top destination for a lot of people around the world. With 50 states to explore, there’s a lot of place you can go to whether it be for business or for leisure. For Austrians, going to the US is certainly a big deal. But the big question is, “Do Austrian citizens need a visa to go for USA?” Visit

Visa Waiver Program

Austria is included in the list of countries in the US Government’s Visa Waiver Program or VWP. This means if you’re a citizen of Austria, you get to travel to the US as a tourist or for business. You can also travel to the US in transit on a 90-day limit without having a visa. This program applies to all states including other US territories like in Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, though there are some territories where its application is limited. Other countries included in the VWP aside from Austria include Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, and more.

Visa to the US?

The shorthand answer is, NO – as an Austrian, you won’t need a visa if you want to go to the US. Does that mean you can go to the US whenever you want without any requirements? Not exactly. Aside from a visa, you need other documents in order to get to the US and be allowed to stay in the country.

Qualifications of Visa Waiver Program

For Austrians citizens who want to go to the US without the need for a visa, they need to meet the following requirements first:

· A certified Austrian citizen

· Have a VWP-compliant passport

· ESTA authorization

· Purpose of travel:

o Business – The intended travel is for meetings with business ventures in mind, educational or professional purposes, to attend conferences and seminars, or to negotiate a contract deal.

o Tourism – The travel is intended for leisure activities like vacations.

o Transit – Travel is intended for transit or transferring to a connecting flight or other modes of transportation.

· Have a return ticket on hand. If an electronic ticket is bought, you must have a printout of the itinerary to present to the immigration officers.

· Use air or sea transport that has agreed to participate in the VWP.

· Observe the 90-day limit that the program issues.

What is ESTA?

ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) is a pre-authorization in order for you board a plane or ship going to the US. This is done in order for the government to conduct screening of all travelers under the VWP before departing. If you’re planning to go to the USA, it’s advised that you apply for ESTA at least 3 days or 72 hours before you depart. If you don’t have ESTA, then you are required to have a tourist visa, though it is not a definite guarantee that you can enter the USA if you have an approve ESTA application.


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